Hello world!

After a week of letdowns in planning a trip across several countries, I decided to turn my struggle into a blog where I can vent my frustrations, explain why I travel the way I do, and share some of my adventures. My subtext is to highlight how difficult the world makes it for people with disabilities, whether minor or major, visible or invisible, physical or emotional/mental, etc. Sorry to say, but the world is a crappy place for those of us who are not deemed physically or mentally ‘normal’ enough to enjoy certain things that others may take for granted.

People have called me both brave and stupid for traveling the way I do. However, I guarantee I’m having BIG adventures. And you know what? I don’t really have a choice! It’s either stay at home leading a boring life, only wishing I could move about freely as my peers do OR use the few resources that ARE available to me to travel as far as possible on limited budget and time.


That said, bustrainboatwalk will be my personal space. You may see disordered thoughts, sporadic entries, snapshots of places I’ve already visited, maybe even links to images,words, music and culture that motivate me to go, go, GO!


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