Help Get Me To Japan

I can’t travel by air. For the past year, I’ve been trekking across the continent by bus, and occasionally by train. Prior to that, I limited my travel to 6-hour bus rides to the neighboring province of where I live.

People think I’m nuts. But I’d go ‘nuts’ if I *didn’t* travel. I once traveled over 50 hours roundtrip to catch my favorite singer on tour. My butt hurt but I had an amazing adventure, met knew people, saw new things, tasted new food, and of course, took in a cool concert.

So, what’s 50 hours, really? I’m now considering up to 3 weeks at sea plus local travel by bus, slow train and Shinkansen (Japanese bullet train). And the same to get me home afterward.

Yup, you may call me crazy again:)

What are the difficulties I’ve been hinting about? Why don’t I just hop a plane when the time comes and GOOOO?

Well, I have a health condition that doesn’t allow me to fly, so i need to travel by land/sea. Some of you have asked, so… I’m visually impaired, and altitude and air pressure from flying could lead to blindness. It will take me 2 months return trip on a freight ship without even counting the stay in Japan. I’m very anxious about arranging everything.

ANY help, any info, any support would be SO very appreciated. Help me find travel info, accommodations etc. and you will have my eternal gratitude!


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