Finally Made a Dent

As the title of this entry would imply.

YESH. A dent indeed.

I’ve now successfully consulted with the three consulates I needed to talk to about my VISAS. I’m super happy to say that since Canada has a ‘free to travel’ agreement with both Korea and Japan, I won’t be needing any paperwork at all. I’m free to roam both countries whenever I want for over a month, unless I plan to work there. The thought crossed my mind, but it’s not my intent, and that’s fine.

China requires a VISA and I already knew that, so I’ll be working on the forms this weekend. But HEY GUYS!!! A HUGE WEIGHT IS OFF MY SHOULDERS!

The less paperwork I need to do, the better. There still might be a small form to fill in depending if Japan allows me into the country with whatever type of anti-nausea meds I choose to use for the boat and bus/train. But that is something quite minor and shouldn’t be a stressful chore. So, today has been a good day. The resources cooperated with me. I was done running from one consulate to another in less than an hour, and took the rest of the night to decompress in a *different* coffee shop for the rest of the evening.

My weekend will feel a lot lighter now. Next thing on my agenda will be getting those vaccinations. And through a bit of side research today, I suspect I may only end up needing the Yellow Fever shot. I have had my Hepatitis vaccinations in the past, but it was unclear at the time if they are lifelong or if they need to be renewed. So I may need to update those as well. I’m a bit wary of not getting the Japanese Encephalitis shots, because I am a mosquito magnet, and if anybody will be bitten by a diseased insect it’ll of course have to be me. Because it’s me and stuff like that happens to me LOL.

I had an ugly thought about that. I imagined myself doing all this to get to Japan without putting my eyesight in jeopardy. And then – me being me – getting bitten by an infected mosquito, getting Encephalitis and croaking before I even get back home. I’m morbid that way.

But let’s not ruin the jolly mood of the day ~~ angelic smile ~~


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