Back from my weekend away from the Internet, as well as my “Japan Plan” research. I talked to a few people who were very encouraging, and have lent me their strength by just understanding my hardships vs. my desire to get to Japan. Some of them have known me for years, and realize how long I’ve talked about visiting Japan one day, somehow.

I thank the Internet as well as internauts for making information so much more available than it once was. If I had tried to do this even a decade ago, I would have had way more obstacles – and perhaps ultimately – dead ends.

Someone suggested I create a crowdfunding page, but I feel weird officially asking for monetary donations. Me, being me (I’m artsy fartsy and weird), I’ve become excited about preparing ‘perks’ I could offer donators, more so than the funds that they’d make available to me.

Japanese KitKatJapanese Matchbooks

Postcards from Japan. Small souvenirs, keepsakes, or even photo prints, since I still consider myself a photographer (though much on hiatus since my eyes deteriorated). I could also offer Canadian keepsakes, considering my readership is probably mostly from outside Canada. It might interest them/you for novelty’s sake, even if to me it’s a bit boring since I see the stuff regularly. Inukshuk statuettes, maple syrup goodies, figurines of beavers, moose, hockey memorabilia…..


Would this fly? Who do I know out there who would read my blog posts, care enough to lend a hand, and actually donate $$?¬† I’m nobody. Just some stranger with a health condition that prevents me from traveling like others do. I envy your privilege, though you may not think of it as a privilege.

I’m not a charity case. Or am I? The government refuses to help with proper medical attention, job placement for something that doesn’t require more eye strain, or just financial assistance. Does that then make me a viable charity? Is it my right to ask for help elsewhere or does it make me look like an awful person? It’s a bit of a Catch-22. People say, If you don’t ask, you won’t receive. But often in my life, I have asked and still received a cold shoulder. Is this situation any different?

If I start a crowdfunding page, does it make me look vain and greedy? Does it imply I’m too lazy to earn the money myself? I am by no means living in squalor. I live cheaply but relatively comfortably. I don’t throw money away on things that others might. I don’t have any expensive habits, pets, children or debt. I’m crafty, and tend to make or fix things around the house that others might throw away or replace with newer items. I’ve worked almost nonstop for decades with very little vacation time. Have I earned this trip across the sea? Am I deserving of this adventure?

Your thoughts?



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