Moody Monday

Such a rainy day. Yesterday was a dreary, cold night and it made me a little moody. Waiting on news from the travel health clinic, I felt both happy-nervous and annoyed to meet Monday head-on. I checked my emails. Nothing. I checked my voicemail. Nada. The online form I filled in last week said it would take them 48 hours to respond to my request to schedule an appointment. Time is ticking and it makes me antsy when it does that. Tick away, but I’m not getting any closer to getting these vaccinations over and done with.

When Vaccinations + Botox said they could book me an appointment on September 30th, that sounded so far away. Now I’m thinking it’s in 2 weeks and I may not get a better offer. I still don’t feel safe going back to that ‘facility’, but are any of the alternatives going to eventually cooperate with me? It’s too late today, but I guess tomorrow, if I still have no word, I’ll make my way out in person to the other option (clinic) I’d set aside for a rainy day.

And ironically, the rain has subsided and been replaced by sun and a cloudless blue sky as I sit here blogging by the window. Is it a sign or something? 😀


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