Well, finally!

Since I still had no news from that clinic I tried to book online, I went with my backup choice. I’m so happy the girl I spoke to was prompt, friendly and clear. I’m now booked for September 22nd, which is a week earlier than Vaccinations + Botox offered to get those pesky travel shots! I’m relieved that the total cost including the initial consultation is a mere 85$ (CAN), no matter how few or how many shots I’ll need.

Though it wasn’t the secretary’s line of work, I did ask if in her opinion I’d be needing more than one vaccination. She felt that the one Yellow Fever shot would do the trick for all Asian countries. Hopefully that ends up being true, because that would be one less hassle on my mountainous hassle pile!

It’s probably premature to do a happy dance, so I’m guarding my antsy feet. But things are coming together, and that’s the good news. The bad news is I still have a lot of anxious, nervous feelings because I may have to depart quite suddenly. I’m prepared to do that, but it would be much nicer to be able to plan every last detail from the comfort of home.

I was ruminating the idea of maybe making Vancouver a temporary pit-stop for a couple of days, though it would incur more expense. Why would I do that, you ask? It might be nice to have a break from sitting in a bus for almost three days. Sleep in a decent bed on solid ground before embarking on a potentially uncomfortable, rocky sleep for the following two weeks on the container ship (freight cruise).

If I choose to do that, I’ll be able to plan a bit more with Internet access before diving into an ocean of incommunicado for the better part of the sail.

~ thinking cap is ON/OFF ~


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