A Bit of Japan at Home

Though I’m not in Japan yet, yesterday I enjoyed a little bit of Nippon, locally. I needed a quiet place to relax because for some reason, there were a heck of a lot of WEIRD people out in the streets everywhere I turned. I just wanted to enjoy the sunshiney day, but kept getting bombarded by unnecessary human contact >_<

So indoors I went in search of shelter, and ended up in a little tea house I’ve frequented for many years. It’s funny how my eye only went to the page in the menu where the Japanese teas were listed. My palate definitely overlooked the Indian, Taiwanese and Chinese selection. And don’t get me started on that page of frou-frou flavored tisanes. No. I wanted something that tasted like ‘green’, whatever flavor that is. Maybe something a bit roasted, toasted, nutty.

Hojicha Tea

Though it’s far from glamorous, I settled on a pot of Hojicha because it suited the taste I was craving. Along with it, I enjoyed a few Mattcha (powdered green tea) shortbread cookies.

I can’t wait to sample all the lovely senchas and mattchas each different region of Japan has to offer. I’d like to discover some new teas I’m less familiar with while I’m traveling. The stuff we have access to in North America just can’t possibly be as fresh and as aromatic as they would be directly from the source. Ah, one of the many reasons I’ve always wanted to visit Japan! I’m a tea fanatic!


2 thoughts on “A Bit of Japan at Home

    1. From your comment, I surmise that you don’t have much access to Japanese teas where you live. I’d say about 15 years ago, it was the same in Canada. My interest in tea increases the more I have access to it πŸ˜€

      You mentioned the smell of tea. I’m sure when I sit with non-tea enthusiasts, they must think I’m weird, because I always sniff at the tea before drinking it. Part of enjoying tea DOES come from the different aromas it has! What a loss for those who haven’t learned that. This may or may not have anything to do with being visually impaired – using other senses bla bla bla, but I know I still wanted to smell the tea long before my eyes deteriorated πŸ˜‰

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