5 Pieces of Travel Insight

I seem to have disappeared into the chaos of information the Internet holds. Over the past two days, I’ve read blogs and first-hand accounts of strangers’ experiences related to travel, health and human nature.

Some gave me a chuckle, while others left me emotional. I’ve made mental notes, and bookmarked places in the world I’d love to see. Whether in Japan or beyond, I want to one day experience some of the things others have experienced.

I’m amazed, inspired, amused, and awestruck. Below are 5 reasons for such reactions (in no particular order):

  1. The Artistry of Anger (J.D. Riso) – Dealing with rotten humanity while traveling. It gets in the way of the world’s beauty. This is a very poignant post. The desert feels lonely, and yet would I really want to mingle with certain people along on a group tour?
  2. Osorezan: The Gateway to Hell Lies in Japan (John) – I *need* to see this place in person. Despite its stench and the scary snakes and poisonous water, it has horror movie written all over it. And I love horror movies.
  3. Rabbit Island Japan: Okunoshima (Zoomingjapan) – Still somewhat on that horror movie theme, this island is not only cute and furry, but also kinda spooky. But. Bunnies. Possible poisonous emissions seeping up from the ground, but… BUNNIES.
  4. Chinchillas and Cheez Whiz: Philly Phinished (Mabukach) – The Philadelphia Magic Gardens look like a fantasyland paradise for me. Somewhere I could completely lose myself with my camera. To the Isaiah Zagar mosaic building I must go, though almost everything detailed in this post looks interesting.
  5. Glass Beach – The Dump You’ll Want to Visit (Gina) – This will be much more enjoyable once I get my elusive travel shots. Though it’s not required, I do want to update my Tetanus shot, since when I needed it a few years ago, the clinics had reportedly ‘run out’ due to an epidemic of TB, with which they booster it.

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