Round one – DONE!

I’ve been told that tomorrow I’ll probably be headachey and tired. Exhaustion and wanting to stay in bed kinda feelings. Wow, really? That’s my usual feeling due to migraines/frequent headaches, eye strain and when all else fails… over-tiredness and late nights because I’ve been staying up researching travel possibilities.

Meh. We’ll see. I’ve planned to stay home and rest, pop an Advil if needed, and just chill.

Yellow Fever

But HEY! One step closer to being inoculated! Today was round one of two, and included Yellow Fever and a Twinrix update (for Hepatitis). One injection was cutaneous and one was straight in the muscle. I hate the latter because they make the injection site heavy and weak.

In a couple of weeks, I’m scheduled for a second Yellow Fever shot, as well as the Tetanus/Diphtheria/TB booster my local (general) clinic failed to give me a few years ago because they ‘ran out’ of the TB portion and couldn’t give me just the Tetanus alone.

It’s lovely that I may have my Yellow Fever symptoms only in about 10 days, which may overlap the timing of the second appointment. Hopefully I won’t need to reschedule, but that may be a possibility if the travel clinic thinks I’m too sick to undergo another round.


For those who may be curious, the travel clinic proved their worth. No Botox is administered here. The nurse was very nice. The doctor, though annoyed at my tardiness (I was stuck in traffic in a crowded bus that was nearly hit by a swerving car), was very thorough even though he was rushing because I threw off his schedule. The injections themselves were far less painful than I expected. Goes to show, not everything we read online is accurate. I’d seen that many receiving these sort of shots suffered quite a bit. For fun, do a Google image search of folks at travel health clinics. Their expressions are sorta funny. Wusses 😛

Though overall it was a positive experience, I’m annoyed that my bill racked up to over 250$ (CAD), without counting my next round. I’d been told over the phone that the appointment itself would be 60$, and the shots, regardless of how many I needed, would be only 20$. I knew it was too good to be true. I point the finger at my general upkeep shots (Tetanus, Hep B, and their friends), because the girl on the phone didn’t know I’d be needing those. However, she should have been informed that a single Yellow Fever shot costs over 120$. I mean, come on…that was specifically what I came for. Why would she not know? Did she say “One-hundred and twenty dollars” over the phone but I heard “Twenty dollars”? I did ask her to repeat, “Twenty?” Why, yes, she’d said. Hmm…I wondered what happened there. Suffice to say, the Canadian medical system is a piece of…


(Though the clinic was better than most around here)


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