Eyecare and the CNIB

Yesterday I was so excited to receive this little box. Earlier this week, I placed an order online for something I never knew existed. For years, I’ve struggled with not being able to find clip-on sunglasses that fit my prescription glasses. Wearing sunglasses always means I need to put in my contact lenses. Where I live is very dusty, windy, and has a lot of debris from construction sites, which makes me reluctant to wear contacts. Ah, the perils of living in a city that’s constantly digging trenches, rebuilding sidewalks, and let’s not forget, close to a major highway.

Little Box

After that recent incident in the park and the migraine aura that followed, it prompted me to buy a product from the CNIB. The CNIB is honestly the only organization that has ever tried to help me with my low vision. The government-run, local equivalent nearly gave me a nervous breakdown with their lack of compassion and services, served up with a completely arrogant attitude.

Though I was never ‘blind enough’ to fully enjoy the services the CNIB currently offer, I appreciate that they met with me, attempted to enrol me in a program to use assistive computer tools (though I wasn’t accepted to use the services in the end), and just treated me like a human being.

So, on their e-store, I found a funny-looking product that fits over a pair of glasses. I decided to splurge a mere 20$ to try out this neat 100%-UV protected pair of sunglasses that are completely transparent.


Weird, right? They look like safety goggles once they’re on my face, but I can see their allure when they come in multiple colors and darknesses. This was a bit of a test, since I wasn’t sure the sizing would be right. They were in fact, a tiny bit too big, but the next size down is quite a bit smaller, and likely wouldn’t fit at all.

Trying them out, I realized I’d still need to squint in bright sun. The main thing is just to protect my eyes. The advantage I’ve noticed is that they crisp up my already-blurry vision. No matter how much I squint, I always see things ‘soft’ unless I wear my contacts. The clear sunglasses sharpen things quite subtly, but it makes a difference!


Today I put in an order for a second pair, with light-blocking and color. I wanted the green or the plum shades, but one was too pricy and the other came in a light-blocking percentage that made me worry I wouldn’t see through them at all. So, I decided function over fashion and chose a medium grey pair. They’ll probably be dark enough to hide that I’m wearing regular glasses underneath them. Not that it matters, but hey, if I can also look remotely cool, why not!

They will come with me on my trip to Japan. Especially if I end up going in winter, when sun glare tends to be very harsh. People have the false notion that the sun would make me squint more in summer than in winter, but….WRONG. Winter sun can be so strong I sometimes try to stay indoors!



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