5 Edibles to Try in Japan

As I peruse the Internet for things to do in Japan, I see some wacky stuff.

I thought I’d share some of the more interesting things I’ve found in the edible department, that I *must* try to get my hands on when I travel! In no particular order, because these are all of equal interest to me:

  1. Monjayaki: It’s gooey and fried to a nice golden color, and sort of looks like a barfy omelette.
  2. Seagull’s Eggs: Right away I thought about seagull poop, but anyway…These are some sweetened white bean paste-filled cake ‘eggs’ that usually serve as omiyage. In the spirit of bringing back travel souvenirs, I keep saying I need to fill my luggage with various omiyage. For myself.
  3. Tempura Maple Leaves: I’m Canadian. How can I not be drawn to these crispy sweets? I hope I don’t arrive too late to be able to reserve the special seasonal flavors!
  4. Unagi Pie: Another type of omiyage! Sweet eel pastries. Weird? Yeah, I’m weird so I’ll probably love these.
  5. Weathered Coral-Roasted Coffee: I would like to try the Cave Cafe in general, because it looks like such a cool place. Built into a real cave, it’s more for the experience than the coffee. But that coffee sounds odd enough for me to try!

Honorable mention goes to these gooey gummy insects. They’re served at a coffee stand, a bit off the beaten path, so I doubt I’d be able to get some, but…Mm-mm! Gross bug candy!


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