Conflicting Info

24-hour visa exemption

72-hour transit visa

Short-term visitor’s visa


The Chinese VISA is the bane of my existence right now.

I am NOT traveling to China. I am planning a trip to Japan with a side dish of Korea. Unfortunately because of the availability of ferries and freight ship routes, I’m forced to transit in China on my way home to Canada. TRANSIT. As in, leave as soon as humanly possible. In doing so, I may avoid the whole visa procedure because there is a 24-hour exemption period. But the company through which I’m booking my freighter passage suggests not risking that the embarkation date is delayed (which CAN easily happen according to the crew’s shipping deadlines, weather and such). Next logical type of visa would be the 72-hour one. But it’s only offered to people traveling by air 😦

So I’m stuck applying for a regular visitor’s visa. That would be fine, except time is of the essence, and already the Chinese Consulate where I live seems very uniformed, confused and quick to ignore my insisting at least 3 times that I’m traveling by boat and not plane. I have to expect delays and complications simply because I have a weird case, and they don’t seem equipped to handle visas for people NOT using air transport.

They require very specific info which I do not have at this point in my planning phase. I will arrive in China around January 12th according to my ‘assumed’ route, which isn’t even booked as of yet. I don’t have the name of the embarkation port, nor the name of the disembarkation port of the ferry from Japan.


I will.

But so many things pend on others and a domino effect will occur if I miss one step. Since China is my last priority in this “Japan Plan” it’s unnerving that I have to prioritize it at number one just because the consulate requires so much info just to even request a visa. How does one book specific accommodations when one doesn’t even have exact dates of arrival and departure?

My case seems to contradict all ‘regular’ cases where people travel by airplane. This is when I start ranting about Travelers’ Privilege. Okay wait, nah nobody wants to read that. It’ll get ugly. I need to save my energy for booking accommodations I may later need to change or cancel, and possibly lose money or booking fees.


Oh and as a parting note, I didn’t “really” need that pricey Yellow Fever shot after all. Thanks, China for loosening your regulations on that AFTER I already spent the money and suffered the booboo.


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