I could just retype the title of this blog, but I’m more creative than that.

Info lost in translation when your agent hands you off to a stand-in because he is off work until you depart for your trip.

Only, the you is me.

I have ONE day to apply for that dreadful Chinese visa. If I’m not at the consulate early tomorrow morning, I cannot request a rush service after 11:30am, and then…no travel at all. Because China. Because I’m of course traveling to JAPAN, but…CHINA. CHINESE VISA for a transit city.

My agency is in another time zone. I woke myself with an alarm at an ungodly hour on only a few hours of sleep, hoping to catch my agent’s reply to some last minute questions. My reward for which, was a confuzzled itinerary that was not what I’ve asked for all this time. Suddenly she has me booked to a return trip from Shanghai to Seattle, as per my request with her colleague.

In my foggy morning state, I scrolled down to my words in the email I’d sent her. I’d clearly said “I’d like to take the January 26th vessel home from Shanghai to Prince Rupert”. What kind of joke is this? I politely told her if she does not have all documents confirmed and paid for by at latest tomorrow morning at 9am my time, that I’ll need to cancel my entire trip. I said I will not pay for any itinerary until she confirms I’m in the right cabin on the right ship on the right date. That is info I need to submit to the consulate if I want them to even look at my visa application.

Can you feel the volcano erupting? No? Not yet? Oh, you will.  Though it’s against my better judgment, I’m not below going back to the first company I contacted that treated me like a dumbass, if they can book the proper itinerary for me by tomorrow morning. Extra port taxes? Meh, I’ve changed my arrival country from Korea to China. It may be less of a fee. At this point, the time I’ve lost planning all this, I may as well put what little funds I have toward getting me on that boat!


(title photo is the current state of my desk after cleaning up some of the itinerary drafts and bills for Yellow Fever shots)


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