Blindness Awareness Month

To change gears for a moment, October is Blindness Awareness Month. It’s on my mind today. I notice how cloudy my vision is, squinting through all the paperwork and emails I’m taking care of in my last few days in Canada. I definitely need an update to my glasses prescription, but due to the time constraints, I dare not order a new pair of specs. I’m expecting weeks of motion sickness, so I don’t want to add dizziness from adjusting to new glasses.

I’ve opted out of seeing my optometrist before the trip. I already know the answers about Scopolamine I need for me to decide what is best for me. I will buy a pack or two as backup in case I get to feeling completely non-functional on the boat, and can’t catch any sleep because of the nausea. Otherwise, I’ll treat the Scop patches as emergency medication, and stick to Gravol. I can always add Advil if the nausea is producing headaches or migraines. Whatever an optometrist has to say about Scopolamine may be very limited. My general doctor hadn’t the foggiest clue about it. Since I can’t gain access to an ophthalmologist or the low vision clinic until next year, I expect the info I receive now to be limited at best.

On this trip, I’m making my own destiny. Maybe I can take the risk of choosing my own medical destiny. If I don’t use the Scop, I won’t have any extra eye-related issues. I will judge how badly I want to cure my seasickness symptoms in order to decide how badly I want to endanger my eyesight after trying very hard not to board a plane for the same end result.

If I make it back from Asia in one piece, I’ll promise myself to update all my ophthalmic issues upon returning. The ol’ eyes ain’t getting any better with all this time in front of the computer. However, Japan will be a nice break from eye-strain. I hope my only strain will be squinting through my low vision sunglasses under a pretty Japanese sunset.


[edit: I forgot to add a link to this cool website where they help organize travel for blind and visually impaired travelers. Excellent initiative! Mind’s Eye Travel]


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