When Life Gives You Lemons

Life has certainly been throwing a truckload of rotten lemons at me.

After learning my vessel had engine trouble and was moored somewhere in the U.S., I booked two extra nights at my Vancouver hotel. That was unsettling but still manageable.

Then late last night, I learned that I’d be stranded here until minimum next Monday. At least I wasn’t totally alone when my meltdown hit. Friends online lent shoulders, Kleenex, virtual hugs and tons of support. THANK YOU, LADIES! EVERY ONE OF YOU!

What a one week delay entails:

Extra hotel stay aside, because of the limited ferry schedules in Shanghai, I’m looking at a December 17th arrival in Japan. I know the ship itself is only delayed a week, but it snowballs into a mess of waiting in Shanghai until a ferry becomes available.

Farewell Sapporo, Tokyo Bay, Osaka and most of Kyoto.

Sayounara also to my potential visit to Korea. I’d either have to sacrifice that side trip, or keep it but lose more time in Japan.

Let’s not even talk about the multiple hotel cancellations.


If you didn’t already guess, I was devastated. The past two days have felt like someone from above teasing, toying with and manipulating me. *screams at the open Vancouver sky* DO YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY?

Who hates me this much? Every bit of progress I make in my Japan Plan seems to get pulled two steps back. I’m being worn down and worn out. My will to fight for this is waning.

Yesterday I was plotting my quickest route home because… why continue? The joy of slow travel has been sucked right out. Some people advised me to just go anyway. How would I enjoy it knowing what was sacrificed to get there? I know myself. It would be a very melancholic wander trip. Everything would be tinged with that bitterness and loss. I’d feel isolated and just want to come home to hibernate for the rest of the winter.

One smart friend had a positive solution. If I could get myself through the agony of what I’d lost, perhaps I could wipe the slate clean and turn this into a short Korean vacation. I’d then use Japan as a mere transit city, to refocus my energies on having a fabulous (if short) time in Korea.


My outlook is a little brighter today, but I don’t know what to do from here. I’m again stuck relying on other people.

When life gives me lemons, should I make Soju lemonade?

2 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Lemons

  1. In all honesty – you are my hero. You are taking these setbacks and just pushing forward. It is hard, it is sad, but you are doing it – and that is what matters. You will have different adventures and meet different people, but that is the thing about life, no matter how much we plan it takes us where it wants us to go. I look forward to finding out where you go!


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