Scheduling Delays

So here’s the update we’ve all been waiting for. My ship arrives tonight in Vancouver. I can embark tomorrow, and it’s scheduled to pull out of the harbour close to midnight.

Maybe this sounds like good news, but allow me to pit it against the bad news. To catch up the lost time, the company has entirely removed Japan from its itinerary. Mysteriously, they’ve also added 2 extra stops in Korea. Um… but we don’t have time for Japan? If only disembarkations were permitted in Korea, I might still have a chance to see Japan earlier than December.


For the time being, I am now confirmed to be left in the hands of Shanghai ferry services for up to a week. If the freight vessel arrives according to the new schedule, I will be in Shanghai on December 3rd. Since there is no ferry departure until December 5th, this means I will be idling in a city I don’t care to see.

If the ferry isn’t sold out, I will arrive in Japan early on December 7th. This would be nice, since it would mean not losing any more hotel reservations. If the ferry on December 5th is sold out, my next potential departure from Shanghai would be December 8th. That would deposit me in Osaka on December 10th. If that next ferry is also sold out, I will need to leave Shanghai on December 12th (arrival in Japan, December 14th).


Shanghai, I hate you. Shipping company’s broken-down engine, I hate you more. Grr.

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