Last Western Breakfast

I’m full. Slightly queasy from the tummy butterflies. But… eggs and bacon and sourdough! I’ve just had my last greasy Western style breakfast for the next long while. I hear sometimes the freight ship offers eggs and bacon type breakfasts, but it won’t be the norm.

I also need to refrain from eating too much prior to boarding the vessel. From prior research and bad experiences, I know now to steer clear of coffee, citrus fruits, and anything overly greasy or deep-fried. No need to make my upcoming motion sickness worse than necessary.

So yes, this is my final day in Vancouver. In Canada. Finally. China (sic) here I come. Very slowly. Japan, I shall see you … some time.

Breakfast Sammie

For the time being, I’ll be squatting my hotel’s common areas, digesting this big, fat breakfast sandwich, and trying to still my nervous energy.

Wish me luck. I will update the blog again once I find a reliable Internet connection in about 3 weeks. Sayounara for now.

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