Early Morning in Nagoya

Congested below a low ceiling and achy from my first true experience in a Japanese bed, I somehow went to sleep at 4 AM and woke up at 8 AM. Wide awake and listening to the rain outside, I realized I have access to the first full computer and Internet in months. Therefore, hi…HELLO!

So I caught a cold in Osaka, sitting by a fountain and in the general vicinity of the Castle’s inner moat. It was after dark and I was inadequately dressed, but I was sharing a moment with a friend and didn’t want to head inside just yet. Day six of this cold, and it feels worse today than it did three days ago.

As for the uncomfy Japanese bed…

For those of you who don’t know what that entails, picture a thick bedspread thrown on the hard floor. So, ouch.

However, the trade-off is the cute little bachelor pad I scored on Airbnb. Apart from the mattress, everything else is ideal, from the automated personal coffee maker, to the extra toiletries, to the loft-style bedroom above a cute living space. A surprisingly large apartment by Japanese standards!

While I let the morning slip by, I wonder if it matters. Today was supposed to be my first real down-time since reaching Japan. I’ve been on the go each day, and decided that a rainy Monday in Nagoya would be a ripe opportunity to stay in and do NOTHING! I was informed that many things are closed on Mondays, such as tourist attractions and shuttle buses. I also seem to have had the rotten luck of arriving during holiday season, which fills up the bars and restaurants with office parties, rendering them near impossible for random walk-ins. Go figure, Nagoya is known for its food. I will have to try to scope out some local specialties tomorrow, but may be stuck with fast food places in strip malls. Until then it’s me and the 7-11 up the street 🙂


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