Farewell, Japan.

And so it’s already time to say goodbye to Japan ūüė¶

I was gutted about two days ago, but am on more even keel tonight – the eve of my departure for Shanghai.

Some of you have complained about my short and abrupt posts lately, and well, YOU try typing up a bunch of paragraphs on a mobile phone, editing photos, and trying to sound coherent after much running around and not enough sleep! But have no fear! Remember, I’m turning this adventure into a book. In this book will be all the glorious details everyone has been asking about. It will take me a while to finish it, but it WILL happen in 2016!

The next chance I’ll have to update may be when I reach Canada around February 5th. Wish me luck on the ferry to Shanghai¬†and the long trip aboard the Hanjin Vienna (my agency switched me to a different ship – surprise, surprise!). With that, bye bye Japan and everyone reading this.¬†I’ll take home all the memories with new friends and the wonderful time we all had together. Thank you everyone – it wouldn’t have been the same without you! xox


(The header photo shows how I spent my last day in Japan. I visited Miyajima, also known as Itsukushima, where this big orange ‘torii’ sits in the water. At low tide you can walk right up to it. And I did!)


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