The Road Home

It’s my last day in BC. It’s interesting that I haven’t felt this kind of unrest in the last four months. Not quite a sadness. Not anger, nor regret. Perhaps a little bit of disappointment. And migraine aura.

Things just didn’t go right today. Normally I could brush it off and say, oh well, there’s always tomorrow. Except tomorrow, my big adventure comes to a close. I’ll be lugging my four bags of souvenirs and dirty laundry onto a Greyhound, and heading East.

I’m not thrilled at the prospect of returning to a hometown full of rude people, neverending construction and sub-par services. I’m not thrilled to leave the pretty scenery of Prince Rupert, though I’ve more than overstayed my welcome. It’s a tiny town. There’s one shopping centre (with maybe 10 shops), one convenience store, two cafés, two grocery stores, a civic centre the size of a small high school, and not much to do in winter months. And lots and lots of rain. Rain that comes down sideways so it’s always in your face, and umbrellas are useless.

Regardless, I will be squished into that bus for the next four days, without a shower or proper food and YAY that’s something to look forward to, right? But I’m a road warrior by now. I’ve spent an entire week bed-ridden on the stormy Pacific, I’ve ingested toxic Shanghai tap water, and I’ve carried so much luggage on my person that strangers exclaimed ‘Wow! You have so much stuff!’

I can do this. The bus ride. The hometown nastiness. I’ll probably hibernate with my writing for a few months, and then need to take another bus-train-boat-walk style trip. It’ll all be okay, I keep telling myself.

At least I won’t need to rely on my now no-longer-waterproof jacket. At home awaits a selection of winter coats I can use while trying to have my raincoat re-sized after ship crew washed it in some sort of harsh detergent (thus, it is no longer waterproof. Not fun in wet Prince Rupert).

With a heavy heart, tomorrow concludes my four-month trek across the globe. I’ll see you all in a few days!

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