Catching Up

Paperwork can become rather messy after being away for several months. I just spent a few hours sorting through bills and trying to come up to date with any outstanding payments. While I was away, I had an issue with my electricity bill. I can blame it on technology. The company appeared to make things a cinch for me to pay online worldwide, but…alas, nothing I tried work. So, months of backed up payments, but luckily they were nice enough not to cut my services.

One thing that’s really bothering me is a strange note I received from my insurer. It arrived without an envelope, as though it had been inserted into my mailbox in person. Apparently, two weeks after I left town, the company tried to contact me, to no avail. I’d temporarily had my home phone service suspended, and they didn’t bother trying to catch me on my cell. So they sent me this letter saying there *might* be an issue with my policy. They said if I didn’t contact them within 2 weeks, my policy may be canceled.

What they’re telling me is…I went on a risky trip with NO travel insurance? My ship captains took note of my insurer’s emergency contact number in case I should become incapacitated at any point. I can’t imagine the mess that would have ensued had they phoned my insurer, only to be told Hmm, no we don’t have a policy for your passenger.

I’m hoping this is just a wee misunderstanding, but it looks like I’ll be giving the company an earful tomorrow during their business hours. Paying a few hundred dollars to have my life in jeopardy without my knowledge is NOT okay. Also, if they knew exactly which dates they were insuring me, they should have known I would be unreachable at my home number. Hello? Traveling, remember?

This is what I’ve been dealing with upon my return home. I’m disappointed that I’ve found no time to write, whether here on the blog or for that upcoming book about my big adventure. My apartment is a pig stye of dirty laundry as yet unpacked from my luggage, bags of souvenirs, gifts, and odds and ends from Japan.

Someone send me an extra 10 hours per day, please!


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