2 thoughts on “Deregulated

  1. After a vacation, I think everybody feels a little sad that it’s back to reality. And since yours was so much longer than a week away, maybe it will just take more time to get back to normal? I seem to remember reading a description of jet lag, possibly in a William Gibson novel, where the main character said she felt she was in her body, but her soul had been left behind, and since it was tethered by the solar plexus, it was slowly reeling back in, but it took a lot longer than the plane did, so she felt “off” until she was back together in one piece. That seems sort of apt.

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    1. I completely relate to that! Solar plexus is where all my ‘pain’ is too. Not sure if I can call it pain, really…but ….troubling emotions, heaviness, etc. Everything from brain to stomach is affected when I feel these weird feelings. Sometimes it’s just a subtle tingle, and other times it can completely shake me into a weeping fit.
      A friend of mine who shared my Osaka accommodations later returned to Japan as I was leaving. She mentioned that she left her soul in Osaka, where we made many memories (both together, and separately), but she left her heart in Tokyo. To be fair, I think a heart can stay behind anywhere that we form strong human bonds, or even, loss/longing.
      I also met a guy while traveling, who’d very obviously left his heart in Brazil over 25 years ago. I could tell he wasn’t really living his life like someone who was tethered to the present. It seems he never adjusted, though he adapted to a certain extent. That’s so sad 😦


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