Fauna, Fowl, Flora

Could there be any more F’s in today’s entry title?

Japan is full of little furry creatures. Winged friends, too! Out in nature, the two mingle with greenery and flowers. This entry, like the previous one, will be more image-heavy than text.

Enjoy my FFF!


These flowers were the first thing I saw when I arrived in Osaka. It’s not the greatest photograph, nor are these the prettiest flora of my trip…but the image is symbolic. It reminds me of the moment I thought, I’m really here!




Also in Osaka, on the castle grounds was a little spot where people congregated to watch a group of men play with …wild birds? I’m not even sure of the type of birds, and what their relation was to the men, but they seemed very much kindred spirits.



Just before leaving Osaka for Kyoto, I visited Tsuruhashi, a little Korean shopping district not far from my home base. As usual, I wandered slightly off the beaten path of boutiques and food markets. In an alley somewhere, I found a wall of cacti in bloom. Pretty, ne?


When in Japan, tourists tend to visit Nara when they want to interact with deer. I didn’t have time, but was pleasantly surprised on Itsukushima. Nobody had warned me that wild deer also roamed free on my bucketlist island. That’s called killing two deer with one stone. Ouch, no we don’t want to hurt the cutiepies.


This young buck gave me a bit of trouble. At first he was cute and followed along as I tried to focus my camera at him. Then I realized he was a bit aggressive and actually starting to chase me. I was in a crowded area and wasn’t sure why he’d chosen me to bully. And then I saw the plastic bag tied to my wrist. Um. Don’t bring snacks to an island full of hungry deer. Baby boy wanted my almond twist bread! Finally understanding, I put down the camera and raised the bag higher over my shoulders. I snapped this one shot before scurrying away safely, but slightly shaken. He doesn’t look that threatening, does he? Try staring down that muzzle from only a foot away!


Aoyama Flower Shop


That’s a lot of bright purple! The first photo is an ornamental part of my dining table at Aoyama Flower Market in Akasaka. The tea house is set within an actual flower shop, and they use their own herbs and flowers to create refreshing tisanes and yummy desserts.

The second photo was taken on the grounds of the Imperial Palace. Some fascinating little pips! That’s all that was left of whatever tree blooms these used to be. Sadly, I couldn’t find a sign describing the tree. Maybe these were actually buds waiting to bloom, for all I know.



Admit it. Y’all knew I’d be posting THESE particular furry friends. Some of you have already heard of my adventure on Okunoshima. A little bugger chewed through my iPhone charger cable (newly purchased for the trip!) and a zipper pull on my purse. He was a nuisance and kept getting too close to my lens for me to snap a proper photo of him. So I have no evidence, but he was a black rabbit with rusty-colored accents. If you see him….tell him his antics were not appreciated!

Here’s a more gentle fellow who just sat there and stared with one ear bent.


Hello little friend! They really aren’t shy, but their proximity made it hard capturing photos – a lot of motion blur!


Due to a change of plans when my short jaunt to Korea fell through, I found myself back in the greater Tokyo area in the Ochanomizu district. I gravitated toward a temple, once again! There was a pretty one not far from my hotel, and it still had quite a bit of greenery for early January.



And because I have a sense of humor, I shall leave you with an image of a particular type of fowl.


The kind found randomly in an Akasaka urban park! Tweet tweet!


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