Need to get somewhere in a snowstorm? Strap on your boots, bundle up and just GET OUT THERE. Why are you holding yourself back? Is it the weather, or is it something more deep? Is it your brain or your body holding you back from your goals? Maybe both working as a conspiracy?

People tell me You’re such an inspiration! because of my trip to Asia. Am I really? What have I done that you yourself cannot do? Are you disabled and maybe can’t negotiate certain non-accessible places? I’m disabled too, but I find ways to work around it. There are amazing people out there doing amazing things in their wheelchairs, crutches, beds! There are blind artists creating beautiful architectural, hyper-real paintings. Not all musicians can hear. Many go deaf on the job but continue creating. Some are born hard of hearing and somehow end up in musical careers. Their/our disability – to me – isn’t a disability, but an ability to do things differently.

So shouldn’t we all just GO, and DO, and BE all that we can before we run out of ways to? A person missing a limb can still get around. If they have a degenerative illness, they might lose another limb, but still be able to live a ‘normal’ life. What if they lost all their limbs? Should that completely stop them from fulfilling their dreams? A resourceful disabled person will always find a workaround. It might not be ideal, but it could certainly be manageable.

MatsumotoMatsumoto Castle: I climbed the steep stairs to the top!

My trip had its challenges. Some mornings I sat on my hotel bed asking myself what I was doing, and how I thought i could do it. Once in Chiba, I was thought-attacked at 9 AM, and only left the hotel room at 1 PM. With no breakfast or lunch and no clear plan of how to achieve certain things, I just WENT. Anywhere, just to GO. I had to go somewhere, do something or lose a valuable day in Japan. Being a solo traveler isn’t always simple when you can’t easily read street signs, or take certain routes.

That said, nobody should let these types of issues hinder them to the point of sitting home and sulking. People, I’m not a motivational speaker, but apparently those reading and hearing my stories look to me as a source of wisdom or heroism. So are you listening to Superwoman? Go out there, and achieve your lofty goals whichever way you can.




3 thoughts on “Go!

  1. Did you meet up with any friends when you were in Japan, or was it totally a solo trip? I would definitely be too scared to visit a country where I didn’t speak the language, all by myself, but I would certain sign up to take a tour first to get a feel for things. Maybe it’s just because I am so used to having a partner to accompany me. Then again, if you really want to do something, I agree, you shouldn’t let being alone – nor being disabled – hold you back. Who knows what kinds of adventures you can have if you trust in the kindness of strangers?

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    1. Some strangers are not to be trusted, however! But 99% of the strangers I encountered in Japan were kind and friendly.

      That said, YES I did meet up with a handful of friends, but was alone for most of the trip. Three of the days in Osaka were a hodgepodge of international buddies mostly meeting for the first time. We had a rep from Canada (me), Ireland, Australia, the Philippines, and Germany in our core group. I myself also met up with pals from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia. It was really interesting!
      Apart from Osaka, I spent time with a couple of friends in Tokyo, and one in Nagano. My airbnb host in Nagoya was also a very nice fellow!

      Most of the situations I fell into while i was solo made me practice my primary school level Japanese. Sometimes I surprised myself how well the language flowed from my mouth. Even if I resorted to ‘baby language’, people seemed to understand me!


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