When I quizzed a few friends about what they thought my J entry in the A to Z Challenge might be, they said “JAPAN!” with enthusiasm. I reminded them that was too broad a subject, as my entire A to Z focuses on Japan. With little hesitation, the next guess was the correct choice. Anybody that knows me well, should know this answer.

But I won’t say it out loud, here. I already did in the past, and as some folks like to say, “past is past”. After taking a long time away from this blog, I went back to edit portions I felt were too juvenile, had typos I’d never caught even though I’m meticulous, and just make it more ADULT, really. Maybe I grew up by traveling to Japan.

At times, I felt like I couldn’t continue. It was like climbing not some silly boulder, but a gigantic mountain. The Rockies the Greyhound drove through on the way to Vancouver to my ship. Mount Fuji. And eventually, the hill on Okunoshima I described in (B for) Believe.

But I made it.


Things happen for a reason. They just do. Often, we’re unable to justify why or how.

The word just might signify something is only a certain way. It is what it is. Or it might mean something that is correct, right and fair.

I think this song by Nicole Atkins sums it up well. I suppose it’s just The Way It Is.


For me, going to Japan was just right. Doing the A to Z Challenge was also just right. Have I done the challenge justice?

[edit: Sorta yes, sorta no. I never finished the challenge, did I?]

But is that it? Is that all there is? Is it just…this? (makes flaily hand gestures to show the space around me). Oh, I got philosophical somehow. Is where I am now just right? Maybe there should be more? Less? Have I been excessive? Self indulgent by not only taking on such an adventure, but also even having this blog?

When do I know if the porridge is too hot, too cold, or about to get hotter? Colder? Where is my “just right”?


The question remains……..




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