Sad to say, I will have to go QUIET for a few days šŸ˜¦

My A to Z Challenge from P onward will be a bit delayed due to technical difficulties šŸ˜¦

I’ve been dealing with a dying laptop, and the past two days have been the utmost torture just egging it on to load a webpage. My “P” was almost set to go and then I just didn’t have the time to sit in front of the computer going Come on, little one…you can do it! to complete a short task in 2 hours that should normally take a minute.

Life has been busy this week, so this hasn’t helped with my time management of the blog. Therefore, I’m taking a forced leave for a couple of days and will be updating my Alphabet bit by bit. Until then I will remain somewhat Quiet.


(Photo header: Local omiyage charms I picked up in various parts of Japan)

8 thoughts on “Quiet

    1. Thanks for your support! My computer is so useless, I even couldn’t check if my reply to your comment went through. And I see that it didn’t LOL. I’m hoping to catch up my A to Z by tomorrow or latest, Monday. I hope the lappy endures!


    1. Bit by bit, I’m posting my latest entries in the challenge! I hope to be caught up by tomorrow evening, so I can hopefully join the other participants for the final week! The computer seems to be more friendly with frequent rebooting!


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