Cough-cough, Sputter, Apologize

Well hello.

It’s interesting that I suddenly caught the writing bug almost exactly a year after my last post.

Anybody who still follows my blog might have been left on a cliffhanger about whether or not I may have fallen back into the sea this past year.

Yes, and no.

I “fell” in rather safely. That is to say, I chose to return to the high seas the proper way. No swimming to Asia for me, thanks.


Whatever have I been up to? I won’t have the time to update as regularly as I used to, but I do hope to start making a few posts here and there. Because adventures have occurred.


(Yes, Japan was part of said adventures!)


Please stay tuned, and I accept cookies and hugs and ice cream as welcome back gifts πŸ˜‰



Photo credit: That would be me. I’m currently re-branding my photography, and rather than changing everything I to say ‘bustrainboatwalk’ specifically for this blog, I decided it would be okay to leave my usual watermark. So, PaperENdipity is me πŸ™‚

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