Since I’m Grounded…

Well. Since I’m currently stranded in Canada with no new travel adventures in sight until my digital nomadry picks up (can it hurry up, already?), I’ve decided to expand this blog slightly.

Since my Japanese adventures came to an end, and it’s no fun living in the past forever (though I do love rehashing trip photos and stories), I’m going to allow bustrainboatwalk to touch on travel in general. From now onward, you might yes, still find rants about that great event I attended in Tokyo, or that great dinner I ate in Tottori. However, more often than not, I will try to post more regularly about places I’ve been in the past (pre-Japan), or would like to go one day. I’ll include travel tips, shortcuts for finding online bargains, accommodation alternatives, and maybe even ideas for working while being nomadic.

I always tell people NOT to book hotels and travel details through ordinary channels, because I can usually find them better deals. I already (privately) promote my tools to friends, so why not share some info here as well? Sharing is caring, they say! Funny thing is that just tonight, I told yet another friend NO! Don’t choose your itinerary for Japan before consulting me first!! So many of my friends have chosen to either visit or move to Japan in 2018, I must say…..I’m jealous. Why didn’t you all come join me last year? What is so special about 2018 that Japan is attracting all these visitors from my social circle?

In any case, I’ll try to start posting as often as I used to whether it be to share some travel photos, my sneaky (but all legal) tricks to keep travel costs low, or ideas for solo, planeless and/or disabled travelers.

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