Researching Before Booking

Many people I’ve talked to have expressed how flustered they get while trying to book travel packages, transportation and accommodations. Some have admitted they get so stressed that they book on impulse just to get it over with. Some say they’re too lazy, or they aren’t patient enough to sift through all their options. This is probably why travel agents in the olden days were the go-to people in such situations. But these days, physical travel agencies are rare. Unless you’re thinking of Club Med or Sandals resort booking type shops, the choice is much less than in the 70s, 80’s, probably the 90’s. There are of course, online travel agencies who do the equivalent.

But are they much different than a site like Expedia? Such sites offer not only hotel booking services, but also flights, cruises, cab rides to and from the airport, and even tourist activity options. Even Airbnb expanded from just an accommodation-finder, to include mini tours by locals, workshops, hiking groups, cultural exchanges, guided nightlife tours, and much more.

There is such a wealth of information on the Web. But not everyone can spare the amount of time needed to sift through it all. The perfect example I can think of are the parents with full-time jobs who already have so much to juggle. They may not have the luxury to Google, Trivago or ask around. They just want to get to their margarita on the beach asap.


But there’s always someone like me! I am detail-oriented, and some might think I masochistically enjoy the back-and-forth price comparisons, weeding out fleabag motels or untrustworthy reservations websites. Not gonna lie. i kinda DO like it.

If I had ad banners, there would probably be one right here. If you’re stuck, hit me up. I don’t charge an arm and a leg, and I’ll make sure to send you on one heckuva trip.


Oops, did I just do that? Not the point of this blog post LOL.


The real point is that there are plenty of options available, but you need to devote the time to the research involved in order to create that epic trip (or entrust the job to someone like me). From experience, I’ve learned that solo travelers are invaluable sources of information. Sometimes just having a conversation with them will give ideas an Expedia or a Getaroom won’t know. And yes, is a real website 😉

Food for thought!

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