Greetings from Western Ontario

It’s my first post from the road! I’m in a comfy older Greyhound after being transfered from a more modern but more cramped bus. This is essentially a rescue vehicle with a small luggage hitch. We had a 2 hour layover in Sudbury, Ontario, which became 4 1/2 after our next bus was reported as brokendown.

The lag would have made us all late to our connecting bus in Winnipeg, but! I have respect for our bus driver. He drove with almost no stops, through zero visibility (heavy fog that lasted about 4 hours), and managed to get us almost back on track. There would have been a 3-hour layover in Winnipeg, but now we’ll only have about 1 1/2 hours. Works for me! I’d rather be in a bus with countryside scenery than in a dingy Greyhound terminal with horrid lighting. Their overhead fluorescents often rouse my migraines 😦

Otherwise, all is good despite a harrowing voyage to my original departure point. I remember venting, “I hate this town so (effing) much. So glad I won’t see it for months!”

I’m usually not chipper in the morning, but that was an especially nerve-wracking morning. I’ll spare the details with the excuse that I’m writing this on mobile and want to keep this short 😉

Hello and goodbye from Ignace, Ontario!

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